Banpresto is going to release the No.1 Lottery Premium K-ON!! 2nd time ( 一番くじプレミアム けいおん!!2回目 ) Prize items from the manga/anime “K-ON!” ( けいおん! ). Will be released on July 02, 2011. 800 yen for each draw.

Another K-ON! No.1 Lottery Premium is here! =D This is the second time that Banpresto make a No.1 Lottery Premium for K-ON!’s stuff (You can check out the first No.1 Lottery Premium K-ON! here). This time the girls are wearing the Death Devil costumes!

But as always, the No.1 Lottery Premium is for Japan only. You will be able to get some of the items from some online stores like Play-Asia. Most of the items will be affortable. But for Prize A-E, you better prepare to pay a high price for them. =P


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