Orchidseed is going to release the Super Sonico ( すーぱーそに子 ) Valentine Ver. ( バレンタインver.) 1/7 PVC figure from the mascot of Nitroplus event “Nitro Super Sonic”. Will be released in March 2009. Around 210mm tall, 7,400 yen. Castoffable.

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Mar 29, 2008: Updated with real product pic

You can order her here

Sonico is sooooooooo cute!!! As I said above, Sonico is the mascot of the Nitroplus event “Nitro Super Sonic“. It was so hard to find information about Sonico. Even though she is from Nitro plus, but I couldn’t find any game feather her. I found her in the event page at late. It took me so much time just to look for her, lol. XD

This figure is base on the illustration of the phone card below. The figure looks really really nice, and she is fully castoffable too! But since she is released by Orchidseed, you better wait for the final product to come out before you order her. You don’t want to learn it in the hard way. No matter how nice the prototype is, Orchidseed has the magic to turn the final product really bad. People in the chinese community call it “land mine” ( 地雷 ). Just keep this term in mind, I’ll expand it next time. =P

Sonico phone card

Sonico phone card

Sonico phone card

Here are the real product photos below. She looks really great with the apron on. But I’m so shocked when I see the cast off pic. What happen to her shoulder??? I’m really disappointed by the molding lines there. I know it’s kinda hard to avoid for molding, but those lines weren’t there in the prototype pic. I feel like I’m being tricked. ='(

But if you’re being creative, you can do something to hide those lines (see below). =D

There aren’t really anything to censor here actually, but just in case.

Somebody is being really creative here! She looks really cute with t-shirt!!! =D

Download the uncensored pic here

“How to get Password” detail at download section

Nitro Super Sonic 2007 homepage

Nitroplus Direct Sonico phone card

via Orchidseed