Solid Theater is going to release the 4-Hearts series #01 Nanase Ren ( 七瀬恋 ) 1/7 PVC figure from the eroge/anime series “Night Shift Nurse” ( 夜勤病棟 ). Will be released in June 2009, around 120mm tall, 8,000 yen.

You can per-order her here

Is it Night Shift Nurse 10th anniversary something like that? How come 3 different maunfacturers, Kotobukiya, Chara-ani/Be-B, and Solid Theater, are all working on the Night Shift Nurse figures all of sudden this year? And the funniest thing is the pose of these 3 Nanase Ren figures from these 3 different manufacturer are really similar! XD

Oh wait… is it just me or the one from Kotobukiya and this Solid Theater looks the same??? I know Solid Theater was bought by MOVIC but I really have no idea that Kotobukiya has anything to do with them. (Oo.

Kotobukiya (link to official blog)


Download the complete set photo here

Offical Night Shift Nurse homepage (18+)

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