Kotobuiya is going to re-release the Shinji & Kaoru ( シンジ&カヲル ) School Uniform Ver. ( 制服Ver. ) 1/8 PVC figure from the anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion” ( 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン ). Will be re-released in March 2010. Around 110mm tall, 5,800 yen.

You can pre-order them here 

For some reason Kotobukiya decided to re-release a bunch of old figures in March. This Shinji & Kaoru School Uniform Ver. was originally released in January 2007. I really couldn’t remember that Kotobukiya had this figure set at all, lol.

I guess it’s pretty common these days. But before Kaoru appeared in the Evangelion anime, I had no idea what Yaoi (AKA Boy’s Love) was and I didn’t even know this term exist at all. Well, it’s true that I was young at that time and didn’t really know those Japanese terms. But I really never thought that one boy and another boy can have this kind of relationship, LOL.

Neon Genesis Evangelion ED

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