Good Smile Company is going to release the Nendoroid Play Set #01: School Life Set A & B ( ねんどろいどプレイセット#01 スクールライフA & B セット) . Will be released in December 2008. 1/8 scale, around 160mm in height, 1,890 yen.

A new way to have fun with your Nendoroids!!! =D

——Description from GSC——

Relaxed, fun school life!

In order to increase the playability of all the Nendoroids that are continuously being released, a new manufacturer “Phat Company” has created this diorama play set.

The first set to be released is this classroom set, which suits virtually all of the Nendoroid characters. It has been separated into two sets; this B set is the corridor side of the classroom.

  • The windows are made with clear plastic, and parts such as the blackboard and the wooden floor are very detailed. (Set#01 A)
  • The sliding door really can slide, making it fully able to open and close. (Set#01 B)
  • A desk, chair and other extras such as a computer are all included to increase the number of situations you can recreate.
  • The A and B sets can be placed together to complete the full classroom.
  • Both the height and width match each other, so you can use it one large figure display area.

Set#01 A Contents:

2 Walls (window and blackboard), floor piece, desk and chair set, notebook PC (opened), yakisoba bread, milk carton, chalk, a blackboard eraser and a clutch pencil.

Set#01 B Contents:

2 walls (door and blackboard), floor, desk and chair, desktop PC (case, monitor and mouse), notebook (closed), sandwich, milk carton and clutch pencil.

Play Set #01 A

Play Set #02 A

Play Set #02 A+B

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