FREEing is going to release the NAMCO Arcade Machine Collection ( namco アーケードゲームマシンコレクション ) Tank Battalion / PAC-MAN / Galaga / Galaxian / RALLY-X ( タンクバタリアン/パックマン/ギャラガ/ギャラクシアン/ラリーX ) 1/12 scale miniatures. Will be released in January 2017. Around 140mm tall, 2,759 yen each.

We have tons of figures announced by Good Smile Company today! Beside these 7, there are actually 5 more, 4 from DOTA2 and a Nendorid Korra, They had been announced for the US market few months ago and they just announced them in Japan today.

——Description from Manufacturer——

width=”120″ height=”120″ />Legendary arcade game machines recreated in detailed miniature size!

Legendary NAMCO brand arcade game machines are being transformed into 1/12th scale miniatures! The game line-up includes classic games such as Tank Battalion, PAC-MAN, Galaga, Galaxian and RALLY-X!

Using the original designs of the arcade machines the shape and size together with the placement of the joysticks and buttons and even the artwork have all been miniaturized as faithfully as possible! The machines can easily be used together with 1/12th scale figures to have your favourite figures playing the classic NAMCO games!


**Each sold separaely**

  • Tank Battalion ( タンクバタリアン )

  • PAC-MAN ( パックマン )

  • Galaga ( ギャラガ )

  • Galaxian ( ギャラクシアン )

  • RALLY-X ( ラリーX )

**figma SP-056 The Thinker is sold separately**

**figma SP-056 The Thinker is sold separately**