Union Creative International is going to release the Nakagawa Shoko Produce ( 中川翔子プロデュース ) Kurioneko & Negi Personification Figure ( クリオ寝子・ねぎ擬人化フィギュア ) non-scale PVC figure form the original character of Nakagawa Shoko ( 中川翔子 ). Will be released in June 2012. Around 125mm tall (cat is around 45mm), 8,381 yen.

You can order her here

I don’t really know who is Nakagawa Shoko. As far as I know, she is an actress, singer, illustration, and voice actress of a few anime. This figure is based on the ilustration that she drew. The cat girl here is actually Nakagawa Shoko herself and the cat is one of her cats “Negi”. From what I read in wiki, she has 7 cats and four turtles. Are they gonna release the other 6 cats and the 4 turtles too? XD