X-plus Toys is going to release the Benitengudake ( ベニテングダケ ) 1/6 Polystone figure from the original series “Mushroom Party” ( マッシュルームパーティー ) illustrated by “Chikawa Kuro” ( 小川クロ ). Will be released in November 2013. Around 260mm tall, 14,000 yen. Castoffable.

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Lucy Heartfilia, Ikuno Emiru, Benitengudake (left to right)

We have three figures from X-plus today. For those who don’t know X-plus, they used to make Tokusatsu figures like Godzilla and Ultraman. This is the first time X-plus make girl figures. For this reason, if you want to get any of these three, I highly recommend that you wait for the final product and check for the quality first. You never know how they will turn out. =P

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