Cerberus Project is going to release the Zinogre equipment with Thunder King Hammer ( ジンオウガ装備 with 王鎚カミナリ ) 1/6 GK form the “Monster Hunter” game series “Monster Hunter Tri G” ( モンスターハンター3(トライ)G ) developed by Capcom.Will be released in Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter] on February 10, 2013. Around 260mm tall, price unknown. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed.

The table number of Cerberus Project in Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter] is “6-12-06″, you will find them there.

Yeah! Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter] is coming in a few days! Many GK circles have announced their new GK for the event. I’ll try my best to post as many nice looking GK as in these few days. =D