Kaitendoh is going to release the Fudou Akemi ( 不動明美 ) The Green of Ecology ( エコの緑 ) 1/8 Candy resin GK from the figure project “Moebutsu” ( もえぶつ ) by A-toys. Will be released in December 2011, 8,500 yen. Kit will be prepainted & completed.

You can order her here

Attractive Bosatsu gold, Namida Nyorai red, Fudou Akemi red (left to right)

Attractive Bosatsu blue, Namida Nyorai blue, Fudou Akemi green (left to right)

The last “Moebutsu” Fudou Akemi is finally here! Unless Kaitendoh an A-toys decided to create a few more “Moebutsu”, otherwise this Fudou Akemi should be the last “Moebutsu”. There should be a third alternative color version for each of them. After that, I guess this “Moebutsu” project is done?

A lot of people said this Fudou Akemi looks so much like Tamaki form ToHeart2, but personally I think she looks like Asuka from Evngelion. =D