Moe Haku 2010 in Makuharai ( 萌え博2010 IN MAKUHARI ) was held at Makuharai Messe on March 21, 2010. Hundreds of itasha, itansha (motorcycle equivalent of itasha) and itachari(ita-bicycle) were displayed during the event.

I wonder how many people are into cosplay here. I tried two times myself. First time was in a new year party some years ago, I cosplayed Cloud from FF7. And the second time I cosplay Evil Ryu form Street Fighter in Christmas party last year. It was really fun and I enjoy it a lot.

Don’t know if you guys like to see this kind of cosplayers in event liket his. If yes, then I think I’ll make some cosplayer post for the events like Wonfes and Comiket; if not, then just screw it. =P

Download original size pic here

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