Moe Haku 2010 in Makuharai ( 萌え博2010 IN MAKUHARI ) was held at Makuharai Messe on March 21, 2010. Hundreds of itasha, itansha (motorcycle equivalent of itasha) and itachari(ita-bicycle) were displayed during the event.

You may wonder why I post this kind of Itasha event from time to time. It is because beside manga/anime/figure, I’m also a car person! I have 2 cars myself, a 2001 Corolla (daily car) and a 1986 MR2 (projecr car), and both of them are lightly modded. So everytime I see some nice itasha, I want to make my cars like that too. XD

For those who don’t know what Itasha is, here is the description form Wikipedia

——from Wikipedia——

Itasha (痛車), literally “painmobile”, is a Japanese term for an otaku fad of individuals decorating the bodies of their cars with fictional characters of anime, manga, or video games (especially bishōjo game or eroge). These characters are predominately “cute” female. The decorations usually involve paint schemes and stickers. Automobiles are called Itasha, while similar motorcycles and bicycles are called itansha (痛単車) and itachari (痛チャリ), respectively.

Download original size pic here

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