PLUM is going to release the Modeling Supply Series Animal Accessories ( アニマル・アクセサリー ) 1 & 2 (Brown & White). Will be released in February 2010, 500 yen.

For those who what to add some animal ears or tail to your figure, this is what you should have. PLUM just annoucned these animal accessories set. They come with 2 different colors, brown or white. All you need to do is drill some little holes on the head of your figure and plug those ears in and that’s it. Or you can just plug the ears in the gap between the front hair and the back hair.

Don’t know how big they’re tho, but I think they should fit Nendoroid or figma very well. Oooooh, I want to add Nekomimi to my Nendoroid Miku!!! (@@.

Pro Mold Oiffice A (PMOA) is in the figure/model industry since 2000, and they just started PLUM on December 25th, 2009. From what they said in the PLUM blog, PLUM will focus on the figure and plastic model for the game and animation characters. Let’s wait and see what will PLUM bring us in the near future. =]

Animal Accessories 1 (Brown)

Animal Accessories 2 (White)