Yamato is going to release the Raphael & Michael Body Set non-scale action figure from the MMB (Moe Moe Block; 萌え燃えブロック ) Angel Device series. Will be pre-sell on Mar 1, 2009 at Hobby Complex GK01, will be released on Mar 9, 2009 in Yamato OnlineShop. Around 180mm tall, 3,000 yen each.

I always want to get them. They’re kind of expensive to me (5,000 yen each) so I’m still waiting for them to be on sale. I don’t know why Yamato is selling them with bare body only. Without the clothes, they’re just dolls to me. Maybe there are demand for them from the doll collectors? Maybe I should categorize thme as doll rather than action figure. =]

Raphael and Michael

——Description from Yamato——

Kawaii!! So cute!! Yamato presents MMB: Angel Device, an original collection of dolls so super cute that if your heart doesn’t melt, its because you don’t have one. Specially designed for Yamato by young, famed illustrator CHIBISUKE MACHINE / TOKYO G-O and skillfully sculpted by Azusa Rei (Gundoll), these dolls were designed not just to capture your heart, but also your imagination with a host of interchangeable parts for maximum customization.

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