Q-six is going to release the Body Chaser Hakubi ( ボイドチェイサー 珀毘 ) Night Battle Suit Ver. ( 夜間戦闘スーツVer. ) 1/7 Fresh Polystone GK from the “Mission” ( ミッション ). Will be released in February 2011. Around 235mm tall, 16,590 yen. Kit will be prepainted and assembled.

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I really have no idea what kind of work “Mission” is and I couldn’t find any information about it. And I have no idea who the sculptor HAWK is. But from this unique style, I highly believe that he is Takayuki Shiragami ( 白髪隆行 ). He made this Chouun Shiryuu, this and this Kanu Unchou, and this Seras Victoria. What do you think?

——Description from Manufacturer——

Sculptor: HAWK

On the contrast to the regular edition’s Silver body suit, Hakubi in night battle mission black body suit is on sale as a limited edition.

The bondage like glossy black suit, the hair, the color of the eyes and the sword to sheath — every aspect of it is completely different from the regular “Hakubi”.

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