Hasegawa is going to release the Mechatro WeGo No.04 ( メカトロウィーゴ No.04) Warm & Cool [Shinonome Lab Ver.] ( “ウォーム&クール” [東雲研究所ver] ) 1/35 Plastic model kit from “Mechatro WeGo” ( メカトロウィーゴ ) and the manga/anime “Nichijou” ( 日常 ). Will be released in December 2015. 2,500 yen. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed.

This is a collaboration of Mechatro WeGo and “Nichijou”! The set includes 1/35 scaled Hakase, Nano, Sakamoto and 1/20 scaled Hakase!

——About the Automated Walking Machine (Mechatrobot)——

The automated walking machine, developed in 1920 in post-WWI Europe, was named the “Mechatrobot” by its French inventor Claude Butor.
It was expected to be the next major land vehicle that would succeed the locomotive and the automobile, but due to the difficulty of its mass-production, it was far from achieving the status of a popular commodity.

During the Second World War, machine manufacturers from around the globe dove into Mechatrobot development.
It was valued for its versatility, being able to enter land that was inaccessible to wheeled vehicles, and to exert as much power as a locomotive.
Its frame was enlarged for military and civil engineering purposes.
The technological developments achieved during the years of the war led to great advances in the Mechatrobot’s manufacturability and versatility.

In the late 1940s, a booming automobile industry entered into the production of Mechatrobots. They were beginning to be acknowledged as general-purpose machines, and rapidly proliferated into society, used in common ventures such as agriculture and architecture.


**1/20 scaled Hakase**

**/35 scaled Hakase, Nano, Sakamoto**