• As of this moment, is ranked 105,171 (was 112,974 last month). Visitors from Mexico and Japan are still coming so strong. =D
  • Right now, we have 2285 registered user (1969 last month), 416 feed subscribers (302 last month), and 213 email subscribers (181 last month). I wonder where are those 100 feed subscribers come from.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

Nekomagic Shop Updates:

  • Sorry, beside some new graphic and layout, I didn’t do anything last month. My grandma went into hospital in the beginning of April. I had to go hospital almost everyday to visit her. And she just passed away about a week ago. After that I was so busy to take care of her funeral which was on Sunday. I’ll start to work on it this week. Hopefully I can finish it this month.

Big News:

  • You know what? It’s my birthday today! (Yes, it’s MY birthday, not Nekomagic’s birthday) And I have 2 big presents for you guys!
    • First present, every photo in this post is supersized. I used to make the horizontal photos 400-450px wide, and 300-350px wide for the vertical ones. Today they’re 500px and 350px wide! Not a big deal right? But you will be glad that I do it when you see my second present. =P
    • Second present, you will know it when you see it. =P

Anyway, here are my purchase in April. Didn’t buy many stuff since I was in hospital most of the time.

Haruhi Gekisou Ver.!!! I like this one so much!

Queen’s Blade Airi. I spent over $90 for her in a local store in the beginning of April. But you know what? After a week later, Megahouse announced that they gonna re-release her. =/

Maryan drill kick Ver.! I always want to buy this one but she was so $$$

And then I found her on eBay for only US$38 shipped. XD

She is so pretty! (@@.

Everything looks great just like the prototype…

…except her sock (-_______-.

The thickness of the lines are changed. You can see the prototype here.

Maryan drill kick! That reminds me of the old school doujin game “Queen of Heart”

Here is the second present!!! Guess what?

I didn’t censor the photos!!!!

I hope you guys like this present. XD