Volks Turn A-Brand is going to release the Sena Airi ( 瀬名愛理 ) 1/8 resin cast GK form the eroge “Mashiroiro Symphony -Love is pure white-” (ましろ色シンフォニー -Love is pure white-) published by Palette. Will be released at Hobby Rouond 3 on April 18, 2010. Around 210mm tall, 12,000 yen. 30 parts in total. Kit is not pre-painted nor assembled.

I hate Volks a lot! Why do their GK are so nice but their PVC figures are just so-so? =( Btw, the anyone know who’s the singer of the demo song? She sounds like Hatsune Miku!! XD

Mashiroiro Symphony OP

Mashiroiro Symphony demo