Some of you might notice that the update on Nekomagic is kinda slow in the past few weeks. It was because I had another project to do so I couldn’t update as fast as I could. And because of that, I didn’t even have time to reply all the massages and emails, sorry about that. m(_ _)m


  • As of this moment, is ranked 150,181 (was 147,349 in Feb 2010). Yea, we’re going download again. =/
  • Right now, we have 4,939 registered user (4,744 in Feb 2010), 1,007 feed subscribers (959 in Feb 2010), and 538 email subscribers (517 in Feb 2010). Um… we’re growing kinda slow this month.

GK site:

  • I’m still working on the GK site. Since I sux at coding so the working process is going pretty slow. It’s only around 1/3 done now and I hope I can finish it before April.
  • I decided to name it “[iMG] NekoMagic: 2.0” instead of “[GK]NekoMagic: 2.0” because I think I’ll post other images from time to time rather than GK images only.
  • For those who are interested, you can check it out at I’ll change it to once it’s done. Tho nothing to see right now IMO.
  • I don’t know if it’s my ISP or what, but I usually need to refresh the link like 5-6 times before I can get into the site. Please let me know if it happened to you too. I’ll see if it’s the sub-domain problem or not.

Here is my plan for Nekomagic in the next few month:

  1. Finish [iMG] before April
  2. Update the interface of Nekomagic
  3. Add “edit” function for the comment area
  4. Finish the “Link Exchage Program”
  5. Add an “Event Calendar”
  6. Keep working on the BuyXSell part

Ok, as usual, here is the stuff that I bought in the previous month!

I love these Vocaloid charms especially the Toeto (that’s why I bought 2 of her).

figma loli Nanoha! I’ll open her together with the figma loli Fate next time.

Wow wow figma Hakurei Reimu!!!! This is my first Touhou figure and also my first exclusive figma!!!

Revoltech Queen’s Blade 008 the Captain of the Imperial Guards Erina. It seems that I’m getting one Revoltech QB every month.

figma Hirasawa Yui! I know a lot of people missed her and have to wait for the second shipment in April.

WAVE Aisaka Taiga. This Taiga has the limited viewing angle problem. She looks super ugly in some angle. =(

GSC Ogata Rina. I love Rina a lot and she is one of a few non-flat chest characters that I like. And no, I didn’t order Morikawa Yuki, I don’t really like her. =P

A random toy from K-tai Investigator 7. It got LED display face!

And now here is the armpit shrine maiden, Hakurei Reimu! =D

As a lot of people already noticed, the quality of figma is getting worse.

The sculpt is ok this time.

But the paint job sux!

Look at those red lines on her sleeves. It’s like some work done by a 8 yro kid. =/

The drunk shrine maiden. XD


Now here is Revoltech QB Erina. Stupid me, I turned her right arm upside down when I took this pic.

She is one of the best Revoltech QB for sure. She isn’t my favorite QB girl but I like this figure a lot.

On no, Erina fell down all of sudden!

Because Hachune Miku comes again!!! XD

“I’ll get you Miku~Miku-ed”

Maybe I’m lucky. Everybody get this Erina WITHOUT painted *pupils and *cat but mine comes prepainted.

And now here is the Alter Nooumi Kudryavka that I got in January. Finally I have time to open her up.

You really can’t bet the quality of Alter. She looks just like the prototype.

I love Kudo a lot. She is my favorite girl. =D

The best thing about this figure is her meaty thighs. =9

Who needs big boobs when you have little delicate butt and meaty little thighs? =9

Alter said she is 1/8, but obvious she is a lot bigger (and better) than that. The one on the right side is the 1/8 scale Kudo by Kotobukiya.

We’re not Nekomagic if we don’t have Toro-kun in action, LOL. XD

See you next time! =D