Name Kousaka Tamaki -Panic!-
Series ToHeart2 AnotherDays
Manufacturer Kotobukiya 4-Leaves
Modeler Plus Ein Baum

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

Kousaka Tamaki, Seena, Konata & Kagami, Nakano Azusa

We have so many event news these days and I feed so tired about them already, so I decided to post something REALLY exciting to cheer myself up. Yea, here we have Makaizou post again! =D

For those who’re new to “Makaizou” ( 魔改造, “Devil Modification” literally). Basically when someone modifed the figure (e.g. PVC figure, gashapon/trading figure, GK…etc) by taking out the clothes, adding *important parts, or doing any erotic modificantion, it’s called “Makaizou”. In short, make a normal figure into a nake/ero figure = Makaizou.

This time I found 5 Makaizou figures from two different modelers, bungo16 and Plus Ein Baum. Plus Ein Baum was the one who make the Yuzuhara Konomi, Nakano Azusa, and Black Rock Shooter last time. And bungo16 is another well known Makaizou modeler just like Plus Ein Baum. For the 5 Makaizo figures we have time, we have 4 different breast sizes, Large, Normal, Small, and Flat. So which size do you like the most?

Oh by the way, please don’t e-mail me about where to buy them. My e-mail was flooded with “where to buy Makaizou figures” e-mails last time and I spent many hours just to answer all those e-mail. So please, for those who are interested to buy any kind of Makaizou figures. You can just search “魔改造” in Yahoo Auction Japan, or e-mail the modeler directly. Don’t e-mail me about it anymore please!!

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