Name The Inquisitor Shigy
Series Queen’s Blade Rebellion
Manufacturer Megahouse
Modeler Sygnas

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

For those who don’t know, Makaizou figure isn’t cheap. The super popular ones like the Hatsune Miku that made by Icsfactory last time, she was sold at 502,000 yen (around US$6,000). Yes, US$6 thousands not 6 hundreds. The regular popular ones like the Clalaclan Swimsuit Ver. by Icsfactory. She was sold at 96,000 yen.

The not so popular ones like this Queen’s Blade Rebellion Shigy, she was sold at 33,000 yen . So for those who want to buy a Makaizou figure, you better double check with Mr. Wallet first. XD

Again, stop e-mail me about Makaizou please! If you can’t find what you want in Yahoo Auction Japan, that means it’s being sold or the modeler didn’t list it at all. If you want to contact the modeler, just go to the modeler’s website and try to contact him there. If it’s a blog, then just leave a message. If it’s a website, then try to find “Contact me” selection and contact him there. If you can’t find any contact information, then that mean the modeler doesn’t want to be contact at all. If the modeler doesn’t have a website and you can’t contact him, then it’s pointless to ask me since I don’t know either!

——What is Makaizou?——

For those who’re new to “Makaizou” ( 魔改造, “Devil Modification” literally). Basically when someone modifed the figure (e.g. PVC figure, gashapon/trading figure, GK…etc) by taking out the clothes, adding *important parts, or doing any erotic modificantion, it’s called “Makaizou”. In short, make a normal figure into a naked/ero figure = Makaizou.

Don’t e-mail me about where to buy Makaizou figures. For those who are interested to buy any kind of Makaizou figures, you can search “魔改造” in Yahoo Auction Japan, or e-mail the modeler directly. Please don’t ask me about it anymore!! All of this kind of e-mail or message will be ignored!!!

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