Q-six is going to release the Maid Bride ( メイド嫁 ) Comic Cover Illustration Ver. ( コミック表紙イラストVer. ) 1/6 Fresh Polystone GK from the ero manga “Maid Bride” ( メイド嫁 ) written by “Kizuki Aruchu” ( 鬼月あるちゅ ). Will be released in April May 2011. Around 165mm tall, 17,800 yen. Castoffable. Kit will be prepainted and assembled.

February 28, 2011: Updated with more images and uncensored images download link
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This is the cover girl of the ero manga “Maid Bride”! For some reason Q-six didn’t use her name for this figure. I guess it is because most people only remember her form the cover of “Maid Bride” and nobody would actually remember her name. Well anyway, her name is Midorikawa Akira ( 緑川あきら ). Because she couldn’t pay the rent, she went to her neighbor’s home and wanted to stay there and work as a maid. But she is a clumsy maid and couldn’t have any thing done. =P

This figure looks really really nice, and her pantsu and the apron are castoffable! What’s wrong with your Q-six?? Why you make her pantsu looks like a diaper?? I know castoffable parts are hard to make, but you really don’t need to make it like that…. (-________-.

Oh, for those who didn’t notice, the “Maid Bride” figure form Daiki yestarday is Tsuneko, and this one is Midorikawa Akira. They are not the same person.

——Description from Manufacturer——

The cover illustration of Onizuki Aruchu’s popular hentai manga “Maid Bride” has become a polystone statue, with adorable expression and daring body.

Uses well-reputed “Flesh Polystone” to produce best skin color, her apron is made of PVC, and her underwear is made of clear PVC through which you might be able to see her “secret” underneath.

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