Megahouse is going to release the Petit Chara Land Macross F We are Open! Nyan-Nyan Restaurant ( ぷちきゃらランド マクロスF 開店!娘娘飯店 ) trading figure figure from the anime “Macross Frontier” ( マクロスF <フロンティア> ). Will be released in September 2009. Around 65mm tall, 580 yen each. 10 kinds in total.

I still haven’t watch the Macross F anime so I really don’t have idea which character is which except Ranka. Since the new anime season just begin, I don’t think I’ll have time to watch Macross F for now. It’s better watch the new anime first. Btw, the Macross F movie anime is coming in November this year. I better finish the TV anime before the movie started. =P

Macross Frontier op

Official Macross Frontier anime homepage

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