Hobby Japan (manufactured by Ryun Ryun Tei) is going to release the Anegasaki Nene ( 姉ヶ崎寧々 ) Camisole ( キャミソール ) non-scale colored resin cast GK from the DS game “Love Plus” ( ラブプラス ) by Konami. Will be released in February 2012, 11,000 yen (taxed in) + shipping & handling. Hobby Japan monthly magazine Vol. 02 2012 & Vol. 03 2012 mail-in exclusive. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor assembled.

Anegasaki Nene Dress, Anegasaki Nene Swimsuit, Anegasaki Nene Camisole (left to right)

Finally the third Nene is ready for order! I wonder if Hobby Japan will do the other 2 girls next time like this. =D

For those who want to order this Vol.3 Anegasaki Nene Camisole GK, you need to buy the Hobby Japan monthly magazine Vol. 02 2012 (released on December 25) or Vol. 03 2012 (will be January on 25), then fill in the order from that comes with the magazine, and then mail it to Hobby Japan between December 24 to February 24, 2012 to order her.