Wafudoh Ganguten is going to release the Natsume Rin ( 棗鈴 ) non-scale PVC figure from the eroge “Little Busters!” ( リトルバスターズ! ) published by Key. Will be released by in January 2009. Around 200mm tall, 7,980 yen.

You can per-order her here

Natsuem Rin by Wafudoh Ganguten. She is around 200mm tall s I guess she’s around 1/8 to 1/7. Her pose looks really cool, and the color is really nice too. But maybe it’s the photo, I can’t really see her nose. XD Her face is kinda scary. She will look lots better if she’s smiling. But I think she is those kind of “cool” character in the game so I guess this scary face fit her pretty well. =]

Download original size pic here

Little Busters! OP

Official Little Buster! homepage

via Wafudoh Ganguten