Gift is going to release the Little Busters! Ecstasy Plushie Series 01 Nooumi Kudryavka ( 能美クドリャフカ ) Winter Clothes Ver. ( 冬服 ver. ) poseable plush from the eroge “Little Busters! Ecstacy” ( リトルバスターズ! エクスタシー ) published by Key. Will be released in December 2010. Around 200mm tall (sitting position), 2,800 yen.

Yeah! Here is the small (relatively speaking) Kud plush! And wow she is cheap! For some reason all the other same size plushies we have today are 3,500 yen, but this lovely Kud is only 2,800 yen! I’ll see if I still have any money left after the deadly October and November. If I do, then I’m getting this little Kud plushy!

For those who can’t afford the giant Kud, you can get this little one instead. =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

An exotic mascot! ♪

From the popular PC game, “Little Busters! Ecstasy” comes a plushie of one of the heroines, Kudryavka Noumi!! The ever innocent and charming Kudo-chan has been placed into plushie form.

Her trademark mantle and hat are both included, and can also both be worn or taken off at any time. A giant plushie of Kudo from Kud Wafter is being released at the same time, so be sure to grab both and display them together! ♪♪

Little Busters! Ecstacy OP