Orchidseed is going to release the Elf ( エルフ ) 1/7 PVC figure from the popular MMORPG PC game “Lineage II The Chaotic Throne”. Will be released in December 2009 March 2010. Around 227mm tall, 7,429 yen. Castoffable.

September 29, 2009: Updated with more images.

You can order her here 

A brilliant figure by Orchidseed! And the sculptor is one of the famous sculptors Sakurako Ishinaga ( 石長櫻子 ) from the GK circle “Syokubutsusyoujyoen” ( 植物少女園 )(18+). She is very famous for her horror(?) GKs. The recent one is “Kanako in Box” ( 匣入り加菜子 )(18+) and a lot of you should have seen it in the figure event already.

Anyway, no matter how good the sculptor and the prototype is, that’s no use if Orchidseed screw up the final product. In the past, Orchidseed had a very bad record for screwed up their final products from time to time randomly (like 1 out of 4). They have improved now. I don’t see any screw up figure from them recently but a lot of people are still scared to pre-order figures from them (I’m one of them, lol). XD

**Final product will comes with bracelet to cover the gap**

Lineage II CG Movie

Official Lineage II The Chaotic Throne homepage

via Orchidseed, moeyo.com