Wafudoh Ganguten is going to release the Let’s go TG type Pleinair! Hero Pleinair ( TG式プレネールでいこう! 勇者プレネール ) 1/7 PVC figure from the illustration of Haradaya. Will be released in October November 2010 January 2011. Around 140mm tall, 150mm tall, 7,800 yen.

You can order her here

Haven’t seen Wafudoh Ganguten release any figure for more then 1 year. Honestly I thought they died. =P

Here is Pleinair! The mascot of Haradaya. Haradaya is the character designer of the Disgaea series, and you can see Pleinair appear in the game from time to time. I really want to show you some Pleinair art. But for some reason Haradaya’s homepage isn’t working, so I’ll just post some of her old pic.

I like Pleinair alot! But I never have a Pleinair figure. =( Her figure is really hard to come by. This is the not the first Pleinair figure by Wafudoh Ganguten. The previous one was too expensive for me, and for this one, my budget is really tight in October already, I think I’ll have to pass her again. It sux big time. Why would so many figures that I want all come out in October? =(