Toy’s works is going to release the Yui ( ゆい ) 1/8 PVC figure from the manga/OVA “Koharubiyori” ( こはるびより ) by the end of July 2008. Around 150mm tall, 7,800 yen. Speical White edition is also available in the first release.

You can order her here

Believe it or not, Yui a ROBOT. In the near future, robot is very common in every household and Yui is a maid robot. But Yui’s master doesn’t let her do any housework simply because he is a Otaku (just like you and me, keekee). He bought Yui home just because he wanted Yui became his 1/1 size barbie doll and changing different clothing for her everyday. XD

Stupid me, I really didn’t know that this manga had been made into OVA in Nov 2007 already. Gonna go look around for the DVD later. But seems like the drawing style of the OVA is so different from the manga version. I prefer the manga version more, and so does Toy’sworks! This figure is base on the manga version, heehee.

Found the vol.01 manga cover in my manga collection. =]

Both Yui and Minori are castoffable!!! Minori sold separately.

Cast off!!! And this “outfit” is how Yui looked like when she came out of the box.

Normal Edition Speical Edition

Original size and uncensored pic at download section

Koharubiyori OP on Youtube

Offical Koharubiyori OVA homepage