Cerberus Project is going to release the Shiraui Tsumugi ( 白羽衣 つむぎ ) non-scale GK form the manga/anime “Knights of Sidonia” ( シドニアの騎士 ). Will be released in Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] on February 08, 2015. Around 320mm tall, total 31 parts, 27,000 yen. Only 30 pieces will be available. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed.

Elin, Celia Cumani Aintree, Rathian equipment, Dober equipment, Momoko, Shiraui Tsumugi

Cerberus Project one of my favorite GK circles and I like their works a lot!! The table number of Cerberus Project in Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] is “6-13-08”, you will find them there.