Kaitendoh is going to release the Kashiwagi Kaede ( 柏木楓 ) Miyazawa limited edition ( 宮沢模型限定版 ) 1/6 candy resin GK from the ero visual novel “Kizuato” ( 痕 ~きずあと~ ) published by Leaf. Will be released in July 2010. Around 240mm tall, 13,800 yen. Kit is pre-painted and assembled.

This is an alternative color version of Kashiwagi Kaede. I’m not into alternative color figure. I understand that some characters have 1P and 2P color from video game or have different color outfit. But for why for the characters who aren’t form those kind of games? It makes sense to me if the alternative color version is really limited like only 5,000 or so available, but most of alternative color version figures in the market are not. Why would people bother to buy them? Well, maybe I’ll understand one day. =P

Kizuato demo