A-label is going to release the Vanessa ( ヴァネッサ ) 1/6 PVC figure from the SNK fighting game series “King of Fighters” by SNK. Will be released in April 2010. Around 300mm tall, 7,800 yen.

You can order her here 

This is actually a pretty old news. But when A-label announced this Vanessa, they didn’t really have any images at all until now.

I liked fighting games a lot when I was in high school and college. I love Street Fighter and other fighting games so much but somehow I didn’t like KOF. Basically I didn’t like the fighting games from SNK. I don’t know how they’re doing now but back in mid 90’s, the quality of SNK’s graphic and movement were horrible.

Since I didn’t play the KOF games, all my knowledge of KOF were from reading (ero)doujin, LOL. I don’t think Vanessa appears in KOF Maximum Impact, but I’m too lazy to make a new logo for the banner so I used the KOF Maximum Impact logo from my previous KOF figure post. =P