Musashiya is going to release the Shijou Mitsuki ( 祇条 深月 ) God of wind version ( 神風ver. )1/6 garage kit from the game/anime series “Kimikiss” ( キミキス ). Will be released and only sold at Hobby Complex Tokyo 06 (December 21, 2008). Around 270mm tall, 9,800 yen. Only 30 pieces will be available at the event. Kit is not painted nor assembled.

Um… I think this Shijou Mitsuki is the least good looking one out of the 4. Her face doesn’t look as nice as the others and for some reason her skirt is really low? (-_____-.?

Hoshino Yuumi, Futami Eriko, Mizusawa Mao, Shijou Mitsuki

Kimikiss Pure Rouge OP

Official Kimikiss homepage

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