Lechery (manufactured by Wings Company) is going to release the Sosetsuyo ( 曹雪陽 ) 1/7 Candy resin cast figure from the Taiwanese online game “Kenkyou Joen 3 Tensakujo” ( 剣侠情縁3 天策女 ). Will be released in July 2012. Around 260mm tall, 12,000 yen. Castoffable.

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It is a little bit complicated here. The “Kenkyou Joen 3 Tensakujo” is a Taiwanese online game which I think most of us have never heard of unless you’re from China / Taiwan / Hong Kong. This Sosetsuyo figure was made by Wings Company ( 双翼社 ) in China (all of the anime figure are made in China anyway). Mabel ( マベル, the company who owns Kaitendoh) import her into Japan and sold her under Lechery. Lechery is an ero figure division of Kaitendoh, just like Skytube from Alphamax and Native from Alter.