Good Smile Company is going to release the Katanagatari Set ( 刀語セット ) Nendoroid Petit trading figure from the light novel/anime “Katanagatari”( 刀語 ). Will be released in April May 2011. Around 65mm tall, 2,000 yen for the whole set.

You can order them here

Here comes the Nendoroid Petit Katanagatari Set! Wow, Togame is cute! It’s so great that she comes with both long and short hair style. I like her in short hair a lot! Cheerio! =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

Off to collect the legendary twelve blades!

From the second project of the Nisio Isin Anime Project, “Katanagatari”, comes a set of Nendoroid Petites featuring three of the main characters from the series – Shichika Yasuri, Togame and Nanami Yasuri.

The set also comes with a couple of extra parts to recreate the characters in different poses – Shichika comes with parts to display him in his Kyoutouryuu pose, Togame has some for her “Cheerio!” pose and Nanami has her “Ninpou: Tsume Awase” claws. Togame also comes with the bobbed hair has in episode seven.

Enjoy the Nendoroized version of the world of Katanagatari!

  • Yasuri Shichika ( 鑢七花 )

  • Togame ( とがめ )

  • Yasuri Nanami ( 鑢七実 )

Katanagatari OP1