Clayz is going to release the Zange-chan ( ざんげちゃん ) 1/8 PVC figure from the manga/anime “Kannagi (Crazy Shrine Maidens)” ( かんなぎ ). Will be released in February 2011, 7,000 yen.

October 23, 2010: Updated with release info.

You can order her here

This is the Zange-chan that we just saw in the Clayz Moe-ro Festival in Osaka 2010. Zange-chan is CUTE and I like her a lot. Too bad the Kannagi manga is on hiatus since December 2008 and there is no news about when will it restart again. But anyone read the “Kanpachi”, the spinoff of Kannagi? I only read the first 2 chapters and I love it! It is really funny. It’s about a spirit/god/fairy who turned into a chibi Nagi form a piece of sashime. XD

I found theses Zange-chan images on the Clayz blog. At first I was going to post her in the coming “Coming Soon” post. Then I found that the images were clear and large enough to make a post by itself, so here she is. There is not much info about this Zange-chan figure yet. But I think Clayz will announce her officially soon.

Updated (Oct 23): I posted this Zange-chan on June 8 and after more than 4 months, finally Clayz decided to announce her now! I wonder why would Clayz hold a figure for that long?

Zenga-chan X Green Melody