CafeReo is going to release the Kannagi Collection ( かんなぎコレクション ト ) trading figures from the manga/anime “Kannagi (Crazy Shrine Maidens)” ( かんなぎ ). Will be released in November 2009. Around 100-120mm tall, 800 yen each. 7 kinds + 1 secret in total.

This Kannagi trading figure set looks alright, but 800 yen each is a little bit pricey. I guess most of you were just like me, started to collect gashapon or trading figures, and then “upgraded” to PVC figure. I didn’t buy trading figures for a quite awhile since I changed to collect PVC figure. The last trading figure set I bought was the Lucky Star set and the Fresh Precure set (you can see them here). As you can see, I do buy some from time to time, but not as aggressive as I did when I started to collect figures. =)

Nagi Type-A ( ナギ Type-A)

Nagi Type-B ( ナギ Type-B)

Zange Type-A ( ざんげ Type-A)

Zange Type-A ( ざんげ Type-B)

Aoba Tsugumi ( 青葉 つぐみ )

Suzushiro Hakua ( 涼城 白亜 )

Kanzaki Miyuu ( 神崎海有 )

Kannagi – OP & ED

Official Kannagi anime homepage

via CafeReo