AZONE is going to release the PureNeemo Character Series No.020 Akiyama Mio ( 秋山 澪 ) 1/6 doll from the manga/anime “K-ON!” ( けいおん! ). Will be released in February 2010. Around 250mm tall, 14,000 yen. TBSishop Ver. and Ver. will be also available.

It is weekend and we don’t have much figure news as usual so here is the doll news! Here comes this lovely Akiyama Mio doll by AZONE! There will be 3 different version. The Standard Ver. comes with cat ears headband, the TBSishop Ver. comes with the pink tank top that appears in the OP, and the Ver. comes with the T-shirt that appears in episode 10.

For those who may wonder what “PureNeemo” is, it is just the series name of the 25cm body type that AZONE made. The joints of the PureNeemo body looks more like those action figures that we’re familiar with instead of those regular ball joints dolls. But the poseability is really limited especially on the shoulders and hips.

This Mio doll by AZONE looks so much better than those hybrid “figure head+doll body” ones from Resinya, but the price of AZONE doll is also more expensive. In the doll world, 14,000 yen is really cheap already. The larger ones like Dollfie Dream by Volks are like starting from 30,000 yen, and those anime character ones are like 50,000 yen and up. They’re really not something that we normal figure collector can think of. (@@.

Normal 25cm PureNeemo body (1,800 yen)

Standard Ver.

TBSishop Ver. Ver.

TMA 軽音部! ED Don’t say lazy