Volks is going to release the Dollfie Dream Akiyama Mio ( 秋山 澪 ) 58cm doll from the manga/anime “K-ON!” ( けいおん! ). Will be released first release on March 14 2010 at Dolls Party Hometown Kyoto 7 and April 03-04 2010 at Dolls Party Hometown Kyoto 7 After Event. at Regular release on April 03 2010 at TBSishop “K-ON! Sakura High Store”. Around 580mm tall, 60,000 yen.

We had seen some nice dolls from the Doll*Holic Vol. 2 yestarday, and I aml bring you some even nicer dolls from Volks today. They’re Dollfie Dream (DD) Akiyama Mio and Hirasawa Yui!!! I don’t know much about dolls, but I think DD is the best dolls out there (and also the most expensive). For a price of this 1 DD Mio or Yui, you can buy around 8-10 PVC figures, around 20 Nendoroid or figma, around 40 prize figures. Wow, well you get the idea. =P

Oh, it seems like if I can stop buying any PVC figure for 3-4 months and save the money, I can get a DD in summer! XD

Mio’s moment of triumph