This post is not about the site update, it’s about my figure collection actually. I think I never really post any of my figure before except Karin. So I think it’s a good chance for me to post something. =]

————–Figures that in my IKEA display case————–

I’m out of room for my figures. =(

They’re way too crowed. I think I should buy another display case for them.

Ayanami & Asuka from Evangelion
Archer, Tousaka, Saber and Shiro from Fate/ stay night

Lots of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya on the left side, Demonbane at the right. Dark Saber and Mai Otome at the back

Another Saber on the right. Yea, I have lots of Saber. XD
Lucky Star, Precure, Precure Max Heart, Ichigo mashimaro,and Genshiken.

Oops, and Ayanami Rei at the front holding the “Lance of Longinus”

Fate/ stay night collection! So many Saber!!! =D

Just got my figma Saber today and she is still in the box. Will add her to the collection soon.

——Figures that in bookshelf beside my computer desk——

Mai Otome, Preucre Splash Star, Ichigo Mashimaro, and Chocotto sister.

Ichigo mashimaro. Thank you Dada! She bought them for me from Hong Kong =D

———–Figures that in bookshelf above my bed———-

Let’s see what we get here. Precure, Max Heart, Splash Star, Precure5, Fate/ stay night key chain, Moon Phrase, and Plug. =]

More Precure! Precure5 at the bottom an Precure Max Heart on the top.

Cure Bloom and Cure Egret from Splash Star
Cure Dream and Cure Lemonade from Precure5

Shakuga no Shana, Popotan, He is my master, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

My favorite Fate/ stay night dolls!
Demonbane, Shana, He i my master, and some cars. Notice someone is missing beside Al? Yes, I bought the limited transparent version so she is too ecchi for me to display her. XP

Old figures and my least favrite figures that I hide in the corner of my room.

———–Figures that are still in the boxes———-

Figures that are still in the boxes.

Some more figures that are still in the boxes.

Sky Girls Elise and Aisha that just got this week!!

Now I have the complete set of Sky Girls! YEAH!

And just got figma Saber and Haruhi this week too.

Now I have 001-003 figma. Going to get the 006 Mikuru this month too so that I can make the Haru Hare Yakai dance display with the 3 SOS dan girls. =]

This Shana was on sale! I got her for only something like $25!! XD

Wahaha, Castoffable Cure Dream and Milky Rose from Yes! Precure5 GoGo. =P

Sakura from Fate hollow ataraxia and Nendoroid Saber! I really like the Nendoroid Saber!

Pinky st. that I bought for my friend and still waiting to be claimed. =/

There are most of my figures. Since I’m almost out of room for the figures, I have some old figures packed in the box already. And I got some more figures are coming this month. Aaaah, I need more $$$ and more room!!! X(