Finally World cup is over and I’m going back to my usual life! Not much update this month since I spent most of my time on World Cup, didn’t really do anything else. =P


  • As of this moment, is ranked 111,652 (was 127,656 in June 2010). The 111,652 is 3 month ranking, our 1 month ranking is at 90,377 now!! Yeah! Finally we’re going back to top 100,000!! Let’s hope that we will be going back to 100,000 for the 3 month ranking next month. =D
  • Right now, we have 6,190 registered user (5,788 in June 2010), 1,186 feed subscribers (1,107 in June 2010), and 644 email subscribers (609 in June 2010). We’re doing good again!

I bought a lot of stuff from the HobbyLink Japan “Prize-apalooza!” last month! Beside the Cure Pine and the Bakemonogatari Nendoroid Petit, everything you see here are from the “Prize-apalooza!” sale. =D

A big Toro plush!!! It’s a present from one of my best friend.

Soso Karin from Penguin Parade! You can get her at Play-Asia 

I missed the first release back in I think 2008. And SEGA finally re-release them with soft-breast last month!

Soft-breast is cool!!! =9


Bakemonogatari Set 2 Nendoroid Petit! You can get them here

S.H.Figuarts Cure Pine. I’ll wait until I get the Cure Berry and Cure Passion and open them all at once.

Cheapo Sanzenin Nagi prize figure from SEGA. I love prize figure, they’re nice and cheaip.

Ranka and Klan Klang cellphone strips! They’re really cute I but I think they’re too big. =/

Sheryl, Klan Klang and Ranka keychain.

This Gundam Standart box are cheap, only 792 yen!!!! I love HobbyLink Japan! XD

People would email me from time to time and ask me how I take my photo. It’s not like my photo is nice or what, I wonder why would anyone want to know that. X]

Anyway, here is my setup. Just used a large paper as background and used 3 lights. The left hand side light pointing at the figure directly.

The right hand side on pointing to the background with a reflect board (a paper, lol) beside it.

And the third light sit right behind the camera. I should have it on top of the figure but I couldn’t find a way to hang it. So that’s how I take my photo! I’m still trying new settings from time to time hoping to find the best and easiest way to take photo in my limited space.

Anyway, let’s see some figure! Here is the cheap prize figure Sanzenin Nagi that I bought from the HLJ sale. I got her for 900 yen only. =D

I love prize figure especially the SEGA ones. Their quality is really good.

The paint job is alright. Really good for something that used to sell for 1,500 yen.

She even have shading on her hair!

Flat chest Loli for the win!

I think she looks so much better than those stupid figure from Taki, LOL.

Now, let’s see something that is almost 9 times more expensive. XD

Here is Soso Karin from Koihime Muso by Penguin Parade!

I was gonna cancel her when Zigz Toy announced their Soso about 2 weeks before this one release.

I’m sooooo glad that I didn’t cancel her. She is really beautiful and I think she is one of the most beautiful figures I have.

The paint job is really nice. But there is some flaw here and there.

But I think it’s really good for a new figure company like Penguin Parade.

I think I’ll skip my BS here. I’ll write more about her in the full review post. =P

Toro(s): See you next month! =D