Yamato (manufactured by Real Art Project) is going to release the Android 0 Rei ( Android 0號 零 ) 1/6 PVC figure from the original character by Izayoi Seishin ( 十六夜清心 ) from “Dennou Yamasaki” ( 電脳山咲組 ). Will be released in January February 2011. Around 120mm tall, 10,900 yen. Castoffable.

August 23, 2010: Updated with more images

You can order her here

Real Art Project is a new figure manufacturer. Just went over to their website and saw the site was just up last month. Don’t know how good their quality is. I think it shouldn’t be too bad because they have 3 strong person/companies stand on their side. The sculptor who made this Android 0 Rei is Ikeda Ryoichi ( 池田良一 ) who made Rider and Hustler for Orchidseed, Claudette, Cattleya, and some other figures for Griffon Enterprises. They have Amie-grand as their production assistance. And they have Yamato as the seller.

I know nothing about Izayoi Seishin since I’m not into those kind of art style. For those how are interest to see his work, you can check out the “Dennou Yamasaki” website (18+).

——Description from Manufacturer——

Sculpted by: Ryoichi Ikeda (R.S.B.)
Illustration by: Kiyoko Izayoi
Production Assistance: Amie Grand
Illustration Assistance: Dennou Yamasaki

The first release in the new Real Art Project line! A beautiful new figure from the original illustration by Kiyoko Izayoi! Cast-off enabled, and can be displayed as just a “torso” as well!