Taki corporation is going to release the Ryomou Shimei ( 呂蒙子明 ) Ribbon Ver.Takion Speical Edition ( エプロンVer. タキオン特別版 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the manga/anime “Ikkitousen” ( 一騎当千 ). Will be released after November 2009, 8,980 yen. Only 100 pieces will be manufactured. Will only be available at Taki Online Shop from Nov21- Dec 31, 2009. Castoffable.

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Wahaha, another Takion Speical Edition. Do you guys remember the Ryofu Housen Apron Ver. Takion Speical Edition that I posted in the beginning of this month? There is only 100 pieces available from Oct 15 to Nov 30. I check the Taki Online Shop just now and she is still available. LOL, I guess Taki can’t manage to sale 100 pieces in a month. Let’s see how they do with this Ryomou since she is way more popular than Ryofu. Btw, there is no exact release date (month) for her yet. Taki only says “After later November” in the Taki Online Shop.

I really can’t see how deep the pocket of the Ikkitousen die hard fan are. I guess they’re bottomless. Prepare yourself! Today we are under attack by a bunch of Ikkitousen figures! And most of them are from Taki! Hey Guy, you don’t need to worry about want to write in your bad figure figure review in Geekorner-Geekulture for next week. =P

Ryomou Shimei VS Kakouen Myosai