Arte Tokio is going to release the SFD (Seamless Figure Doll) Kanu Unchou ( 關羽 雲長 ) 60cm doll from the manga/anime series “Ikkitousen” ( 一騎当千). Will be released in February 2010. Around 600mm tall, 98,700 yen.

This is just a doll, I don’t think a 18+ tag is necessary, but I just put the tag up just in case.
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Earlier today we saw a **cheap** 25cm anime character doll Akiyama Mio by AZONE, now let’s see something really expensive. Here is the 60cm anime character doll Kanu Unchou by Arte Tokio! I have heard about this company Arte Tokio and their Seamless Figure Doll for a long time already but I didn’t pay much attention to it since it is something I cannot afford. I don’t know what you would do with 98,700 yen (around US$1,140), but for a poor person like me, I’m pretty sure a doll like this is not something I want to spend the money on. (@@.

  • Normal body (ノーマルボディ) 98,700 yen
    Optional Body Makeup ( オプションボディメイク ) 9,000 yen
    School Uniform Kanu Ver. ( 成都学園制服 ) 9,800 yen
    Optional Wired Fingers ( 指ワイヤー ) 9,800 yen

But the 98,700 yen is not quite a final price yet. It is just for the basic Kanu Unchou body. If you want her school uniform, it will be another 9,450 yen. If you want the optional “body makeup” (painted body with shading), it will be another 9,800 yen. And if you want the “wired fingers”, it will be another 9,800 yen. I’m too scared to calculate the final price if you want all the option, but I know it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg with a right kidney. X(

Download this wallpaper here (1280×1024)

I can’t find the “Aret 060++M (muscle)” body that Kanu used, so here is a similar one “Aret 060++”

The body comes in 4 different colors

Ikkitousen GG Preview