Taki corporation is going to release the Kanu Unchou ( 關羽 雲長 ) polystone bust statue from the manga/anime “Ikkitousen” ( 一騎当千). Will be released in December 2009, around 350mm tall, 17,800 yen.

Another bust statue by Taki. Taki don’t mention anything about the cast-off, but I’m pretty sure she is castoffable. Btw, I think the Chouun Shiryuu bust statue they made last time looks so much better than this Kanu one. =/

I really can’t see how deep the pocket of the Ikkitousen die hard fan are. I guess they’re bottomless. Prepare yourself! Today we are under attack by a bunch of Ikkitousen figures! And most of them are from Taki! Hey Guy, you don’t need to worry about want to write in your bad figure figure review in Geekorner-Geekulture for next week. =P

Ikkitousen GG Preview