Musashiya is going to release the Ryomou Shimei VII ( 呂蒙子明 VII )Swimsuit Ryomou ( 水着の呂蒙 ) 1/5 cold cast GK from the manga anime “Ikkitousen” ( 一騎当千, Dragon Destiny). Will be released in February-March 2009. Around 330mm long, 19,800 yen, only 200 pieces will be manufactured.

Musashiya really like to make GK for Ikkitousen especially for Ryomou. This is the 7th Ryomou GK by Musashiya!! I don’t watch the Ikkitousen anime so I really don’t know much about this swimsuit. But according to the Musashiya homepage, this is from the anime episode 5-6. I tried to look for some screenshot but I failed. If anyone find any, can you post a link to it in the comment please? =D

Download original size pic here

Official Ikkitousen Anime website

via from Musashiya