Daiki Kougyou is going to release the Sonsaku Hakufu (孫策伯符) 1/6 PVC figure from the manga anime “Ikkitousen” ( 一騎当千, Dragon Destiny). Will be released in September 2009. Around 230mm tall, 8,800 yen. Castoffable.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

Yeah, another non-Kanu Ikkitousen figure! Here we have Sonsaku Hakufu again. She looks really cute here, but her pose is kinda funny to me. I know Daiki Kougyou wants to make her like she’s laying on the bed. But without the bed as backgroud, she just looks like trying to do a Masked Rider kick. XD

Download the uncensored pic here

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Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny OP

Official Ikkitousen anime homepage

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