Alphamax is going to release the Ikkitousen ( 一騎当千, Dragon Destiny) Kanu Unchou ( 關羽 雲長 ) 1/6 after battle version ( アフターバトルver. ) prepainted & completed cold cast garage kit. Will be released in October 2008. 14,490 yen.

Didn’t know about this company Alphamax at all before. I just found it today and seems like they’re really new. The “oldest” figure that they have are those sold in WF2008[summer].

The quality of this GK looks pretty good. However, as for 1/6 cold cast GK, I think the edges of the clothes are a bit too round and not sharp enough. Well, maybe it’s just me being picky. =P

**Chouun Shiryuu sold separatly**

Ikkitousen PV (18+)

Official Ikkitousen Anime website

source from Alphamax