Here comes a step-by-step video guild for Shining Wind Houmei 1/8 PVC figure by Alter! You know there is no joke if the manufacturer has to make a video guild to tell you how to put a figure together.

I don’t have this lovely Houmei figure myself, but I heard that it is really a pain in the butt to put her together without this video guild.

  • How to place Houmei on the base

(1) The part which hold the legs

(2) The area where the right side of her waist set on

(3) The area where the left foot is put underneath. Please look at the video below to have a better idea

Side View

Front View

(4) Please refer to this video for how to position the fan


  • Put on the lower part of her kimono (Part No. [7])

Just put Houmei in and turn her to the side like the video showed


  • How to install the Hagoromo

(1) Put the right side in first


(2) Just push in the pin of the right side like the video


  • How to place Houmei on the base 2



Off topic: For those who are curious, yes, the last piece of her kimono is castoffable too. But it is not something you want to see. =(