Both the Black Kotone and the Hyper Nurse MilkyWay Hotaru-chan from Keumaya that you see last week come with decals for you to decorate the important part. For those who aren’t familiar with building model might wonder how to apply the decal. Thank you Keumaya, they already have a step-by-step guild for those who have no idea how to do it.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

The images below are the final result after apply the decals. See how nice they look. =D

example 1: Akumako-san

example 1: Akumako-san

example 2: Kotone-chan

example 2: Kotone-chan

There are the decals that come with the figures.

This is the manual that comes with the decals

Here is the basic concept of how decal works. The blue layer is the top film of the decal, the red layer is the glue part of the decal. It is really thin yet sticky like crazy. The lowest layer is the parts (the figure itself in this case) that you want to apply the decal to.

  • Step1: Cut out the decal

Roughly cut out the decal with a cutter, dont’ have to be perfect. Remember to leave some room for the tweezers to put up the decal.

  • Step 2: Pick up the decal with a tweezers

Pick up the decal with a tweezers. YOU HAVE TO USE A TWEEZERS. Don’t just use your finger, remember the decal stick like crazy?

  • Step 3: Apply the decal to the figure

When apply the decal, remember to align the decal and the figure carefully. Remember the decal stick like crazy? So you only have one shot.

  • Step 4: If failed

This step is for those who are failed. First use your finger nail to scatch out as much decal as you can.

And then use ethanol (AKA ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol. Can be find in pharmacy) with cotton swab to rub the remind decal off.

Don’t rub too hard! If you did, then the stick of the cotton swab might scatch the surface of the figure.

  • Final step:

After you’re done apply the decal to the figure, wou will see a white line around the decal. To make it disappear, you can spray a few layers of flat/matt clear or semi-gloss clear spray paint to cover it.

Now the white line is gone and you’re DONE!

  • Highly Recommended

It is a bit troublesome, but it is highly recommended that you dip the decal into water before you apply it to the figure. This way you can adjust the position of the decal a bit when you put it on the figure.

This is the figure that is used in this step-by-step guild

See how nice she is now with the decal